Echo Tree: The Didgeridoo Craftsmen - Didgeridoos with Edge
"If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of a Didgeridoo"
Before you buy or play a Didgeridoo learn more about this amazing Australian Instrument

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Didgeridoo, Didjeridu, Didjeridoo, Digeridoo, Dijeridoo, Didgeridu, Digeridu.....

However you spell it we have a d
idj for you!

At Echo Tree we are proud to offer a 'custom made to order' service.

Please call us if you want to buy a didgeridoo that has specifications outside the scope of these basic options, as we are more than happy to cater to your individual needs.

E-mail us on

If you are in Canberra and would like to purchase an instrument please contact Len on 0402 972 092 or you can email him on
This is an after hours service, operating Mon - Thurs in South Canberra.

We can personally make you a didgeridoo that is keyed musically to your individual specifications.
We tailor-make instruments on a completely individual basis and offer a huge range of options to choose from. We have listed some below.
Musical Key or Note
Our service caters for all twelve increments in the octave range, (notes and sharps). We also have provision for finer tuning, although it should be mentioned that the frequency of the standing wave harmonics that produce the key or note of the instrument will vary slightly according to the fluctuations in temperature, humidity and air pressure conditions.
Sound Quality Level
1. Musical

2. Professional
3. Concert level
Thickness of Didgeridoo Walls
This will affect the weight of the instrument as well as its sound; contact us for more in-depth information on how the instrument's sound is affected by the variance in wall thickness.
1. Straight
2. Tapered
3. Bell
4. Curly
Mouthpiece Type
Made to your specific size requirements:
1. Hand moulded dark bee's wax

2. Hand carved wooden mouthpiece
Woodgrain Finish
1. Light coloured

2. Dark coloured
3. Wood carvings
Type of Finish
1. Natural
2. Gloss
Special Colours
Call us and we will work with you
to create your ideas.
Artwork Medium
1. Paint

2. Ocre
3. Wood burnings
4. Wood carvings
Genuine Aboriginal Artwork
1. Basic designs with wood grain showing

2. Intricate designs with wood grain showing
3. Basic designs with no wood grain showing
4. Intricate designs with no woodgrain showing

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