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"If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of a Didgeridoo"
Before you buy or play a Didgeridoo learn more about this amazing Australian Instrument

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Impeccably Crafted Didgeridoos

If you have been looking for an authentic Australian musical quality didgeridoo, this is where you will find it.

• Lifetime Guarantee • Termite Hollowed Properly Seasoned Timber Individually Keyed Genuine Aboriginal Artwork Handformed Mouthpieces • Sealed Both Inside and OutIndividual Serial Number • Worldwide Delivery From $AUS300

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For a full explanation of the technical terms used with our didgeridoos I Click Here

At Echo Tree we match people with instruments.

To order a didgeridoo click on the thumbnail then select the enquiry button.
We will contact you to discuss your specific needs and any freighting costs that may be involved.

Echo Tree has a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

All Echo Tree didgeridoos are hand crafted from specially selected genuine termite hollowed timber.

This meticulous process cannot be rushed if quality is to be maintained so at times we find it difficult to keep up with orders.

Also, more and more customers are accessing our Custom Made service which further reduces our capacity to place instruments on offer here at this page. We are perfectionists, so please be patient with us!

Each didgeridoo is individually crafted displaying a unique serial number. Making a duplicate instrument is impossible.

Instruments can be custom made and this page showcases many such didgeridoos which can assist you in creating your own Echo Tree design.

Levels of Tonal Class
Good An entry level instrument of musical quality
Very Good Recommended entry level for the serious beginner
Excellent Typically possessing the optimal characteristics
Concert Suitable for professional performance
High Concert Suitable for professional performance with exceptional qualities
Exceptional Concert A very rare instrument due to one or more unique characteristics it possesses

Please Note: The higher tonal classes are rarely posted on our site because they are sold before they get there. If you are interested in an instrument of high tonal standard, please contact us with your request.

Backpressure Scale
  Good Very good Excellent Very good Good  
  I I I I I  
Low < <... Backpressure... > > High

You can find a detailed explanation of the characteristics of a didgeridoo on our Quality page, I click here I

Some of the Didgeridoos listed here are available for viewing and purchase at
The Gallery

Unit 3 Purdue Court. 20-22 Purdue Street
Belconnen, Canberra. Australia

The Gallery is open Mon-Sat: 9.00am till 5.00pm

Alternatively you can call the Gallery on 02 6253 0462 to arrange for a private viewing at Echo Tree or to meet the makers of these exceptional Instruments
We are always interested in feedback about our didgeridoos and supporting products, and welcome your contact.
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