Echo Tree: The Didjeridu Craftsmen - didjeridus with Edge
"If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of a didjeridu"
Before you buy or play a didjeridu learn more about this amazing Australian Instrument

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Presented by professional didgeridoo tutor Alex Murchison, using the highly successful Echo Tree teaching method.



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Learn to Play the Didgeridoo

- A Quickstart Guide -


This DVD will teach you how to play the didgeridoo quickly and easily. The presentation is straightforward and easy to understand, where the sole aim is to get you playing, and to get you playing well.


Alex Murchison uses the highly effective Echo Tree didgeridoo tuition method, developed in Australia throughout his years as a professional didgeridoo tutor. This method employs a unique three step process, built on practical teaching experience, using exercises and techniques that are tried and proven to work.

This Presentation Includes:

• Introduction and overview

• Three important principles

• How to make the 'Drone Note'

• How to 'Circular Breathe'

• The 'Frantic Method'

• The 'Bridge'

• Curriculum information

• Product reviews


With practice you really can learn how to circular breathe and play the didgeridoo! It's really not that hard, and this presentation breaks it down for you into easy to understand steps that will have you playing your didj in no time!

Filmed on location in the Bush Capital of Australia.


PAL format available only. For more information about DVD formats and the best one for your DVD player/region; please visit:



The easiest way to learn to play the Australian Didgeridoo!





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