Serial No: 0710
Tonal Class: Excellent
Fundamental Key:... Bb or A#
Length: 1.52m

Bore Size:

Bell ID: 40x45mm
Timber Type: Grey Box
Mouthpiece Type: Dark Bees Wax
Resonance: Excellent
Vocal Projection: Good
Responsiveness: Excellent
Air Requirements: Low
Volume: Very Good
Back Pressure: Excellent
Suitable For: All
Price AU$: $950.00

This instrument's fundamental has a warm, full and flowing momentum. A very edgy didjeridu, but also possessing excellent resonance for its small bore size-due to thin walls. This Yidaki is a very light instrument, with an edge that has a metallic, angry rattle. Backpressure and responsiveness are excellent, volume is very good, vocals are good and air requirements are low. Suitable for all players, and a great first low key instrument.
Levels of Tonal Class
Good An entry level instrument of musical quality
Very Good Recommended entry level for the serious beginner
Excellent Typically possessing the optimal characteristics
Concert Suitable for professional performance
High Concert Suitable for professional performance with exceptional qualities
Exceptional Concert A very rare instrument due to one or more unique characteristics it possesses

Please Note: The higher tonal classes are rarely posted on our site because they are sold before they get there. If you are interested in an instrument of high tonal standard, please contact us with your request.

Backpressure Scale
  Good Very good Excellent Very good Good  
  I I I I I  
Low < <... Backpressure... > > High

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